Opticz Daytime Visible UV Blacklight Reactive Luminescent Skin Safe Ink from $5.95
Opticz UV Daytime Visible Luminescent Inks by DirectGlow are brightly colored and highly visible in daylight and glow incredibly bright in UV blacklight. Our luminescent inks are ideal for hand stamping, document marking, glow parties, marking valuables, admissions, and other unique security applications. Works great with stamp pads, rubber stamps, brushes, or any other practical application method. Ink is alcohol based and has a very thin consistency so a little goes a long way! Safe for use on skin. Will not wash off easily like other brands. Alcohol based for quick drying. Avoid eyes, mouth, and sensitive areas. Please note these colors will not have full luminosity in UV light until they are completely dry. Most notably the YELLOW color which doesn't fluoresce at all while it is still wet. Dry time is 30-60 seconds with light application. Heavier applications can take up to 5 minutes to dry. These inks are versatile and can also be used on metal, glass, plastics or paper. Can also be used on aluminum, ABS, acrylic, rubber, cellulose, acetate, formica, nylon, polystyrene and polyethylene. Ink is non-toxic when used as directed, fast-drying and non-transferable. Ideal for applying onto an already printed surface. Works best on porous surfaces. Available in 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz sizes. Not for printers or tattoos!

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