LiteCubes 3 Mode Green Jewel LiteCubes LED Light Up Ice Cubes $1.95
Featuring 3 modes with push button control (fast flash, slow flash, and steady on), our 3 Mode Color Tinted Emerald Green Jewel LiteCubes will be the envy of all those in attendance to your special event. They function just like traditional LiteCubes except their shell is color tinted green unlike traditional LiteCubes which have a clear shell. This means you get a splash of color whether they're off or on! Bright green internal LEDs make these cubes light up even brighter green when activated!  Emerald Green Jewel LiteCubes are illuminated by 3 tiny LED lights embedded within the cube and have 3 modes of operation: Fast Flash, Slow Flash, and Steady On. Each mode is toggled by a small push button on the underside of the cube. 3 Mode Emerald Green Jewel LiteCubes are completely safe to put into any type of cold beverage. They are encased in a waterproof non toxic shell and packed with freezable gel to keep your favorite beverage frosty. Original LiteCubes are push button activated. Not liquid activated like the generics. Battery life averagest 24-36 hours so you can get several uses for multiple events. Simply hand wash and put away in a cool dry place until they are needed again. They can be placed in the freezer for extra cooling power so your drink is the hottest thing while staying cool. LiteCubes will have your guests talking about your special event long after the regular ice cubes have melted!

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