Moon Glow Intense UV Eye Liner Makeup $7.95
Our Moon Glow ultra bright UV Liquid Eye Liner creates breath taking effects around your eyes! Highly pigmented colors stand out in natural lighting and will fluoresce spectacularly under UV black lighting. Perfect for glow parties, festivals, concerts, stage performances and anywhere with blacklight. To use, simply apply around the eyes with the handy built in fine tipped brush attached to the lid. To increase the UV effect, add more layers (once dry). Product is designed to be buildable so you can customize your level of shine! Each tube contains 0.34oz which is enough for numerous applications. Sweat and water resistant formulation ensures your look holds through the day and night. Washes off with makeup wipes. Combine with our many other unique Moon Glow UV creations including lips sticks, hair gels, or body paints to make the perfect infusion of ultraviolet bliss!   Key Features Highly pigmented colors stand out in daylight Glows intensely bright in UV blacklight Buildable formulation allows you to customize the UV intensity levels Sweat and water resistant Washes off with makeup wipes 8 Great poppin' UV colors available Hypo allergenic (full ingredients list available) Cruelty free- Not tested on animals 
Moon Glow Pastel UV Blacklight Face and Body Paint $6.50
Our UV Pastel Face and Body Paints by Moon Glow create a whole new aspect of blacklight makeup! No longer limited to bright neon colors, these unique pastel ranges are specially formulated to give off a strong glow in ultraviolet light.  Traditional pastel colors are fun and soft in regular light saving their best kept secrets for the blacklight! Pastels are popular with the spring season to include Easter, St. Patrick's Day, and of course easter egg hunting activities. Product can easily be applied with fingers, a brush or sponge right out of the tube. Flake and smudge resistant, your creations will stay intact through your entire event. This fun blacklight responsive body paint can be built up in layers for a more intense glow effect. Please not that black is not UV responsive, but is very useful when creating well defined outlines and edges. Each tube is packed with 0.42 ounces of pastel UV responsive body paint. There is plenty enough to make designs and highlights on 5-8 faces per tube. Can be removed with makeup wipes. Combine with our other UV Moon Glow products to create the perfect blacklight look. Go with an intricate face painting design or go all out with the full body treatment to include UV lip, hair and eye products. Your imagination is the limit!   Key Features: Soft pastel daylight visible colors Glows in UV blacklight Sweat and water resistant 7 Vibrant UV colors to choose from Hypoallergenic (full ingredients list available) Cruelty free- Not tested on animals 

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