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Opticz All Purpose Invisible Blue UV Blacklight Reactive Security Ink from $5.95
Our Opticz brand invisible UV ink has been a trusted go to source from every day casual users to large corporations for 12+ years! Manufactured and distributed by DirectGlow exclusively, you will be hard pressed to find a comparable ink that outperforms our brand in quality or cost. All purpose Opticz invisible UV blacklight reactive inks are ideal for glow parties, hand stamping, documents tags, marking valuables, admissions, and other unique security applications. Will not wash off easily like other brands. Invisible in normal light and glows bright blue under blacklight. Completely safe for skin and body when used as directed. Alcohol based for quick drying.  Perfect for secret messages, marking merchandise, and other stealthy security uses. Ideal for metal, glass, plastics or paper. Can also be used on aluminum, ABS, acrylic, rubber, cellulose, acetate, formica, nylon, polystyrene and polyethylene.  Ink is non-toxic, fast-drying and non-transferable. Ideal for applying onto an already printed surface. This ink is NOT designed or safe to use for printers or tattooing! External skin application only! Keep out of reach out children.  Available in 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz and 32oz and 64oz sizes.

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