14.5 inch 20oz Lava Brand Motion Lamp Blue Liquid Purple Wax Cool Retro Decor


14.5 inch 20oz Lava Brand Motion Lamp Blue Liquid Purple Wax Cool Retro Decor


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Blasting back from the sixties, the lava lamp is an American icon. It’s nostalgic wax bubbles rising and falling create an atmosphere of ambiance and relaxation. They fit in any home décor theme and always make an interesting conversation piece. This model has blue liquid and purple wax combined with a classic aluminum alloy silver base and topper.

Lava lamps work on the principal of convection. The heating bulb warms the glass globe from the bottom which keeps it hotter than the top portion. As the wax rises it slightly cools which causes it to fall back towards the bottom. This cycle repeats giving the lamp it’s iconic lava flowing motion.

When starting your lava lamp allow 2-3 hours for the wax to fully melt and start flowing. Once in motion, you should not run your lamp more then 4-6 hours. Doing so will cause the lamp to overheat which eliminates the temperature variation. Most of the wax will cling to the top of the globe once it gets too hot. To restart the process, simply turn it off and allow it some time for the globe to cool off.

Other useful tips to ensure your lamp runs correctly. Do not place your lava lamp in direct sunlight. Doing so will cause the colors to fade quickly. Never ever shake or move the globe when it’s running. This can cause the wax to separate and turn the liquid cloudy which in some cases cannot be undone. Use genuine lava brand replacement bulbs for best performance. Lastly, please be patient and give your lamp adequate time to break in. Lava lamps are dynamic products. Some new lamps take off right away and others can take a few on/off heating cycles until the wax gets going in the average normal time frame.  

Key Features:

  • Lamp measures 14.5 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide
  • Blue liquid with purple wax
  • Power cord is 6ft long
  • Lamp comes with silver topper, base and heating bulb
  • The metal coil inside the globe helps evenly distribute heat from the bulb
  • Tiny bubbles in the glass come from the moulding process and are normal
  • Authentic Lava Brand Lava Lamp

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