DirectGlow USB Rechargeable UV Blacklight Flashlight 365nm


DirectGlow USB Rechargeable UV Blacklight Flashlight 365nm


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Featuring a USB rechargeable battery with 365nm illumination, this convenient blacklight flashlight by DirectGlow delivers function and quality in the palm of your hand! It features a low and high mode so you can get the right amount of ultraviolet blacklight needed for your application. 

What makes a 365nm flashlight the premium choice over the common 395nm option? The main difference is the 395nm LED emits a very strong visible violet light where a 365nm equivalent emits a soft blueish hue. Brighter is not always better! Since the majority of 365nm light falls much lower in the UV-A spectrum, it's barely visible to the naked eye. Yet it has the same blacklight illuminating qualities of a 395nm light WITHOUT the overpowering visible violet color that can ultimately wash out your blacklight illumination. As such the 365nm flashlight is the go to tool for anyone who requires nothing but the absolute best blacklight responsive effects. 

This flashlight is perfectly suited for tasks such as locating hard to see pet stains otherwise invisible to the unaided eye, counterfeit currency detection, gemstone inspection, glue curing, scorpion hunting, ID card or passport spot checks, home or hotel cleanliness check, admissions, gas leaks or seepage, and forensics. Also great for casual uses like glow parties, escape rooms, artistic applications like blacklight painting and crafts, invisible UV inks, and so much more!

DirectGlow flashlights are built for long term use in mind. Our LEDs are precision manufactured to provide an average service life of 12 years! A weather and shock resistant aluminum alloy shell endures the rigors of everyday use along with the occasional rough treatment or accidental drop. Light weight at only 100g (3.5oz). The built in rechargeable battery with included cable plugs into any common USB receptacle for quick easy charging. 


Key features

  • Size - 5.0" long x 2.0" x 1.0" wide 
  • Lighting distance - 10-15 Meters (30-45ft)
  • Lighting time - 4 to 5 hours
  • Power - rechargeable 18650 battery (1200mAh)
  • Water resistance rating - IPX4
  • UV Spectrum - 365nm

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