1 Ounce 50ct Neon UV Blacklight Reactive Glow Party Shot Glasses $6.50
These petite 1 ounce disposable shot glasses by DirectGlow are bright neon in normal light and glow ultra bright in UV blacklight. They come in a mix of classic colors to include blue, green, orange and pink.  They are constructed of hard yet flexible plastic so they won't break easily. These fine party shot glasses can be reused over and over again with careful hand washing after each use. Our fluorescent neon shots are perfect for jello shots, dessert shooters, glow parties, birthdays, holidays, family reunions, festivals, concerts, themed events, catering or everyday general use. Match with any of our other fine quality neon cups, bowls, plates, serve-ware to make your glow party complete!
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1.5 inch Orange Mini Glow Sticks- 50 Per Package $6.95
If you're looking for big glow in a small package, then look no further than our orange mini glow sticks. They may be small, but these sticks put out a big bright glow! Mini glow sticks have a variety of uses. Great for birthday parties, glow parties, holidays, weddings, concerts, festivals, scavenger hunts, Easter eggs, escape rooms, fishing, camping and much more! Just bend, shake and you're good to glow! We take your safety seriously. All of our glow sticks are CPSIA, ATSM, RoHS and EN71 compliant so you can rest assured our glow products are tested and up to date with industry standards. Our stock is fast moving and always fresh so you can count on only the best glow quality for your next glow event! Key Features Size - 1.5" x 4mm Color - Orange Count per pack - 50 pieces Glow Duration - 4 to 6 hours Shelf Life - 2 Years  
Blacklight Reactive Fluorescent Tempera Glow Party Paint 6 Pack 8 Ounce Bottles $39.95
Our UV blacklight tempera paints are ideal for glow parties, finger painting, arts and crafts, splash paint, sign making, birthdays holidays and more! Water based and non toxic, these paints can be used on skin to include body and face painting. Colors are highly fluorescent in normal light and glow incredibly bright in blacklight. Paints are water washable for quick easy clean up. Highly pigmented colors truly shine in ultraviolet light so you can count on the best glow effects for your next event. This set includes six 8oz bottles int he following colors: blue, green, yellow, orange and pink. Bigger bottles and sets at discounted prices available.       
LiteCubes Amber Orange 3 Mode Jewel Color Tinted Light up LED Ice Cubes $1.85
Featuring 3 modes with push button control (fast flash, slow flash, and steady on), our 3 Mode Color Tinted Amber Orange Jewel LiteCubes will be the envy of all those in attendance to your special event. They function just like traditional LiteCubes except their shell is color tinted orange unlike traditional LiteCubes which have a clear shell. This means you get a splash of color whether they're off or on! Bright orange internal LEDs make these cubes light up even brighter orange when activated. Amber Orange LiteCubes are illuminated by 2 tiny LED lights embedded within the cube and have 3 modes of operation: Fast Flash, Slow Flash, and Steady On. Each mode is toggled by a small push button on the underside of the cube.  Amber Orange Jewel LiteCubes are completely safe to put into any type of cold beverage. They are encased in a waterproof non toxic shell and packed with freezable gel to keep your favorite beverage frosty. Battery life is approximately 24-36 hours so you can get several uses for multiple events. Simply hand wash and put away in a cool dry place until they are needed again. They can be placed in the freezer for extra cooling power so your drink is the hottest thing while staying cool. LiteCubes will have your guests talking about your special event long after the regular ice cubes have melted!
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Orange Glow Stick Bunny Ears- Single Retail Packs $1.35
Our orange glow stick bunny ears add a fun dynamic splash of color to your special event. A convenient one size fits all makes them universally compatible for children or adults. Each set comes individually packaged and includes one head band connector and 3 glow sticks.  Assembly is a breeze. Simply bend the glow sticks to activate, then insert into the headband for instant luminous glow in the dark smiles for kids of all ages. The glow sticks will last 8 to 12 hours on average. The fun needs not end once the glow sticks expire. The headbands are reusable and can be refilled with our 8 inch glow stick bracelets. Key Features Color- Orange Size- One size fits all Count per Package- 1 Bunny Ear Set Glow Duration- 8 to 12 Hours Shelf Life- 2 to 3 Years Headband can be refilled with glow stick bracelets  
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Premium Jumbo Orange Glow Necklaces- 50 per package $18.00
Our orange glow stick necklaces will make your special occasion luminous and memorable with bright, bold glowing color. These premium glow necklaces come packed in tubes of 50 and measure 22 inches long by 6mm thick. High quality triple band flexible plastic connectors are pre-attached for convenience. Reduced set up time so you can get glowing much faster! Assembly is quick and easy. Remove the necklace from the tube then bend it every few inches down the entire length. You should hear a cracking sound with each bend which signifies the ingredients are mixing. Once finished, give the entire necklace a good shake for 5-10 seconds. Lastly, insert the opposite end of the necklace into the connector with a firm press. Now you're good to glow! Glow stick necklaces are great for glow parties, birthdays, holidays, charities, themed events, festivals, camping, bathtub fun, weddings, reselling for profit and so much more! Our stock is fast moving and always factory fresh. Each necklace will provide 8-12 hours of long bright glow. We package all glow sticks for shipping with the utmost of care so your product will arrive safe and intact.  We have glow stick necklaces in numerous color combinations to include single color packs mixed color packs, and triple color options. We also have a large selection of complimentary glow stick items like glow bracelets, glow glasses, glow bunny ears, glow straws and traditional glow sticks from mini sized to extra large! DirectGlow is your one stop shop for all of your glow party needs!   Key Features Size- 22 inches long by 6mm thick Color- Blazing bright orange Glow Time- 8 to 12 hours Shelf Life- 2 to 3 years Connectors included and pre-attached

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